Council News

Council 2016  -   2017

Chair of Council -                            Steve Wynne

Vice Chair of Council -                    Vacant

Hon. Treasurer        -                       Mitzi Kalinsky

Ass Hon. Treasurer -                      Jeff  Lustig

Honorary Secretary -                      Vacant          

Acting Honorary Secretary -         Angela Jacobs

Senior Warden -                             Melvin Pedro

Chair of Education -                       Karen Watch

Head of Security -                          (Undisclosed)

Chair of House -                             Jocelyn Shepherd

Care Coordinator                           Reeva Godson


Council Positions                          Rachel Savage  ( Board of Deputies)

                                                        Andrew Lewis (Adult Education)

          Ida Lewinsohn

          Sharon Grant



 Jason Patmore & Victoria Specterman were married at Great Lodge, Great Bardfield, Braintree, Essex on Sunday 30th April 2017.
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Shabbat Morning services 

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