Council News

Council 2016  -   2017

Chair of Council -                            Steve Wynne

Vice Chair of Council -                    Vacant

Hon. Treasurer        -                       Mitzi Kalinsky

Ass Hon. Treasurer -                      Jeff  Lustig

Honorary Secretary -                      Vacant          

Acting Honorary Secretary -         Angela Jacobs

Senior Warden -                             Melvin Pedro

Chair of Education -                       Karen Watch

Head of Security -                          (Undisclosed)

Chair of House -                             Jocelyn Shepherd

Care Coordinator                           Reeva Godson


Council Positions                          Rachel Savage  ( Board of Deputies)

                                                        Andrew Lewis (Adult Education)

          Ida Lewinsohn

          Sharon Grant



A General Knowledge Quiz was held in the shul and raised £900.00 for the Torah Scroll Fund.
The picture shows the winners and the organiser. 
Jason Patmore & Victoria Specterman were married at Great Lodge, Great Bardfield, Braintree, Essex on Sunday 30th April 2017.
See picture above.

Shabbat Morning services 

Saturday morning at 10.00am 

 Saturday 17th June
Shabbat Morning Service followed by
a Lunch & Learn 

 Friday 30th June and
Friday 7th July
Erev Shabbat Service followed by
a Chavurah Meal 

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