Leo Baeck College


 Lehrhaus is coming to Sukkat Shalom.

 What’s that?

 Our Shul!

 No, I mean, Lehrhaus.

 Oh, the Lehrhaus! Well, it’s Leo Baeck College’s wonderful, newish adult education programme. It’s named after the college that Franz Rosenzweig founded in Germany in 1920 and that changed Jewish adult education forever.

 No, I don’t think it’s for me.

 But Rabbi Mark Solomon is presenting the course here in May. Every Thursday evening in May. Did you hear him in Shul last year?

 Yes, he was brilliant. He made the Torah and Maimonides come alive. I really enjoyed it. Well …. I suppose I could come to his Lehrhaus course. What’s it on?


Rabbi Mark is calling it “The Great Commentators”. It’s about the rabbis who explained the meaning of the Chumash, the Five Books of Moses. Rabbis like Rashi and his grandson Rashbam and Nahmanides. The rabbis who usually appear as footnotes in the Chumash and explain what the text is telling us. He will bring them alive, with us in the room.

 I haven’t heard anyone speak about those rabbis. It does sound unique. And, you’re right, Rabbi Mark is a great teacher, and so friendly and understanding. Anything else?

You really mustn’t miss this. Our Shul is the very first to have the Lehrhaus come to visit. It’s an important first of us, and for Leo Baeck College. It’s a rare opportunity to learn with one of the outstanding rabbis of the progressive movement. And to enjoy doing so in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere - we’re providing tea and coffee and cake and biscuits.

 Probably - I’m almost convinced.

 Well, I don’t want to be mercenary or anything, but Sukkat Shalom’s Council has decided to subsidise every one of its members who attends the course.

 How much?

 £5 subsidy for each of us for each of the five evenings, so you pay only £45 instead of £70 for the whole course.

 That’s cheap compared with the College’s other courses. And cheap compared with other Jewish institutions. I am convinced!........... How do I book?

  Phone Jarek at the College on 020 8349 5600 or go to their website http://lbc.ac.uk

That’s great. Really looking forward to the Lehrhaus at Sukkat Shalom.

 See you then. Remember, the first evening is Thursday 3rd May. It starts at 7.45.


A conversation, imagined by Tony Leach


These are the other Lehrhaus courses for Spring 2018


Rabbi Dr Frank Dabba Smith: Jews and Photography  

4 week course at Leo Baeck College, Thursday 7.45-9.15pm, dates3-24 May 2018

Susannah AlexanderIt’s Not All Lox & Bagels: A Historical, Cultural and Gastronomic Overview of Jewish Culinary Traditions 

4 week course at Leo Baeck College, Monday 7.30-9pm, dates: 4-25 June 2018

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